Happy to have you here at the Radiant Health Center. We are providing a variety of services to promote restoration and wellness through complementary healing services for body, finance, mind, and soul. Make us part of your support team to bring happiness, balance, and peace to your life. We are committed to providing personal and professional assistance to reclaim your wholeness in the areas of physical health, emotional and financial well-being, and inner peace.

Call the individual practitioner now for an appointment. If you have any general questions, please call Brenda at (916)215-4590 or Yoko at (916)607-3586.

Our Team

Yoko Macahilas, MPT, RYTT

Yoko Macahilas, MPT, RYTT – Co-Director of RHC: Pranic Healing, CranioSacral Therapy, Physical Therapy, Somato Emotional Release, Yoga Therapy, (916) 607-3586, http://www.radiantouch.com, radiantyoko@comcast.net

Brenda Gustin, PhD, CMT, RYTTMPT, RYTT

Brenda Gustin, PhD, CMT, RYTT – Co-Director of RHC: Reiki, Myofascial Release, CranioSacral Therapy, Teacher/Trainer, Crystal Singing Bowl and more, bkgustin@gmail.com, (916) 215-4590

Seamus Ann Malone

#Seamus Ann Malone – Shamanic Practitioner: Healing with Soul Retrieval, Manifestation of Life Purpose, Blend of Shamanic, Tibetan and Celtic Healing Traditions,
seamusann@yahoo.com, (916) 633-3077

Stephanie Van Alen, LMT

Stephanie Van Alen, LMT – Massage, Intuitive Healing, Facial Stretch Therapy, Professional Health Education, radiantyoko@comcast.net,
http://www.floating-feather.com, (530) 417-6548

Kaye Lynn Peterson

Kaye Lynn Peterson – Owner of Financial Fundamentals: Financial Education and Financial Insurance Services, www. kayelynn.comff@kayelyn.com, (916) 806-1214