A Total Well-Being

“Brenda made me feel comfortable and safe. Her touch was therapeutic and warm. I left with a sense of well being” – Danielle Stephenson

So Much More Than a Treatment

“During Brenda’s yoga lessons, I feel the sweet gentleness of her energy. But afterward, I find that the deep message of her teachings stays with me – I remember words or phrases that are helpful at just the right moment. My body feels not just relaxed but invigorated and energized. I’m always surprised to find there is so much power in that sweet energy.” – P.M. Sacramento

A Long Healing Journey

“I give my kudos to Yoko, my healer/therapist for almost 10 years. I have had many different healers and therapists before I met Yoko,  but the difference in her technique, ability, and attitude was startling, to say the least.  As a violinist, who constantly stresses my body, it is Yoko who has kept me primed, balanced, and coordinated so that I can continue to play.  Were it not for Yoko’s sometimes painful but tender, loving care, I would have had to give up my violin playing years ago. So thank you, Yoko, for helping to keep me in such great shape, so I can do what I love best – play my violin.” – P.I.of North Highlands

On My Way To Wholeness

“I grew up in a hippie enclave and I know lots of people who wish that they had the intuition and talents Stephanie naturally posses. Working with her is an experience that leaves you more whole on many levels.” – Greta Karagianes

Pilates Instructor

A Wonderful Place To Be

“We went with my husband to an open house at the Radiant Health Center and wished we never had to leave. The place is magic, people are kind and highly skilled – we experienced several 10-minute procedures of all sorts, and listened for several hours to presentations that were funny and informative. We left feeling relaxed and uplifted and with a serious commitment to go back there any time our health and well-being would require a remake. Thank You! – – C&J.B Rancho Cordova

Thank you, Yoko!

“The day after I saw Yoko, I had overwhelming feelings of joy and energy. I think she removed a lot of binding cords and unlocked a lot of congestion. I accomplished everything I had to do with focused intent, enjoyed a usually arduous meeting, and felt happy all day.  Yoko’s combination of skills is extraordinary. I think she is a miracle worker. Thank you for coming into my life.” – – T.W. of Sacramento

On Body And Spirit

“Stephanie is a gifted healer and a wonderful human being. When I met Stephanie I was suffering back, shoulder, and neck pain from sitting at a desk all day. The pain was so bad it was keeping me from everyday activities. Stephanie worked with me to get me back to the activities I love and continues to treat me as well as advise on how to stay healthy. Stephanie’s ability to identify the underlying causes of tension and stress is superb. She is knowledgeable about how the spirit impacts the body. I’d recommend Stephanie to anyone seeking a compassionate and talented healer.” – Caroline Stringer