Kaye Lynn Peterson

Kaye Lynn Peterson – Owner of Financial Fundamentals: Financial Education and Financial Insurance Services, www. kayelynn.comff@kayelyn.com, (916) 806-1214

Kaye Lynn Peterson is the owner of Financial Fundamentals, providing financial education and insurance services for families who want to grow wealth without risk.  She is an Authorized Infinite Banking Concepts Practitioner and also works closely with PrivateBankingStrategies.com





compounding growth

Kaye Lynn is passionate about doing the best thing for clients, which means listening to their concerns,  their aims, and their desired outcomes.  Most often clients feel the increasingly heavy burdens of five elements over which they have little or no control.  These are risk, taxes, inflation, depreciation of the dollar, and government regulations.  She educates folks in the ways they can take back control of their dollars and even put those dollars to work doing more than one job.  There is no up-front fee for people to learn about the strategies that turn cash flow coming into your life instead of flowing out of your life.  It does take a willingness to study and hear a different point of view.  Once people have made their decision, they can continue learning how to grow their wealth without risk, enjoying certainty in their financial lives by becoming their own banker